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Water Sources and Hydrology Engineering experts guide you through the design, approval, and permit process for any and all engineering needs. Our professional and experienced approach to your project assures you that you are getting the most for your dollar while developing a comprehensive and feasible plan. We are your project’s number-one advocate.

Types of Civil Engineering Projects:

  • Water Recourses & Hydrology Studies

  • Springs & Wells Development

  • Water Rights, Water Demands & System Capacities Evaluation

  • Culinary & Secondary Water Storage & Distribution Systems

  • Storm Water Management Systems

  • Dams & Pressure Irrigation Works

  • Sewage Collection & Treatment

  • Bridges & Roadway Design

  • Commercial, Industrial, & Manufacturing Site Plans with Grading, Drainage, & Utility Design

  • Residential Site Plans with Grading, Drainage, & Utility Design

  • Subdivisions

  • Construction Documents

  • Project Construction Engineering & Management

  • Specifications & Details

  • Planning & Economic Feasibility Studies & Reports

  • Capital Improvement Plans

  • Land Use Development Consulting

  • Plan Reviews

  • Inspections


Hansen & Associates has the ability to staff 5 fully-functioning survey crews, each outfitted with the latest GPS equipment and Total Station instrumentation. We also offer High Definition Laser Scanning. All equipment is connected to the latest data collection systems allowing efficiency, speed and accuracy in field data acquisition. That collected data produces the most reliable information possible for our design teams. GPS survey technology maintained at Hansen & Associates also provides the accuracy and productivity necessary to guarantee that survey control established during construction and property staking meets rigorous industry requirement for precision and quality assurance. With our High Definition Laser Scanning capabilities, we can provide our clients with the most detailed and accurate survey and three dimensional drawing of existing sites, buildings (outside and inside), roads, bridges and stock piles or pits and so on. With our imaginative approach to surveying, our possibilities and capabilities are endless.

Types of Surveys:

  • Property/Boundary Surveys

  • Drone Mapping

  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

  • Construction Surveys

  • Topographic Surveys

  • Right-of-Way & Easement Surveys

  • Elevation Certificates

  • Bathymetric Surveys

  • As-Built Surveys

  • Volume Surveys

  • Target Control for Aerial Mapping

  • Survey Monument Positioning & Setting

Our Equipment:

  • 5 Leica GPS units

  • 7 Pentax Total Stations with Data Collectors

  • 1 Leica Robotic Total Station

  • 6 Leica Digital Levels

  • 6 Zeiss and Wild Automatic Levels

  • Trimble R-8 GPS Unit

  • Trimble S-6 Robot


A major hurdle in the design of a new development, be it commercial, industrial or residential, is that of storm water runoff and containment. The environmental impact of storm water runoff is a complicated issue and politically sensitive. The size of the project does not affect the review and approval process by city, county, state and federal agencies. Our team of professionals evaluates each specific project and diligently works towards the most feasible plan for our client while meeting the stringent requirements and scrutiny review of the respective governing entities. Whether the project is a single commercial lot or a 1000 acre development, addressing these concerns and providing the most practical solution is a specialty of Hansen & Associates. The result for the client – the most feasible plan meeting the stringent requirements and scrutiny review of the respective governing agencies.

Types of Storm Water Engineering:

  • Hydrology Studies

  • Hydrology Analysis

  • Storm Water Runoff Analysis

  • Flood Plain Analysis

  • Retention & Detention Pond Design

  • Water Quality Management

  • Risk Management

  • Dam & Containment Site Safety Design

  • FEMA CLOMAR, LOMR & Map Amendments


Our traffic engineering team carefully evaluates and then designs the transportation system improvements. The engineering team collaborates with and supports data from other agencies to provide and implement mobility modifications and improvements as required for conformity with transportation system standards. Whether it is through the local Department of Transportation or federal, state or local governing entities, our goal is to design a traffic plan that will adhere to design standards and criteria while creating a safe traffic control plan that will minimize the impact for the community, the neighborhoods and the traffic system as a whole. The result for the client – a safe traffic control plan that minimizes the impact for the community, the neighborhood, and the transportation system as a whole.

Types of Traffic Engineering:

  • Traffic Impact Studies (TIS)

  • Traffic Count & Data Collection

  • Traffic Control Plans (TCP)

  • Roadway Improvement Plans

  • Site Traffic Flow Analysis

  • Traffic Permitting Assistance

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